Racing car and parts engineering

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VSI “Skubos Marketingo Grupe”, hereinafter RaceTech, is rapidly developing
company in the motorsport industry. RaceTech combines highly-skilled and
experienced personnel with latest technology and instrumentation to produce
parts, products or offer complete solutions for motorsport applications and
perform highest quality builds for rallying, endurance racing, rally raid and other
racing activities.

Our personnel have more than 10 years of experience in the area of motorsport
and because of their high reputation net of our clients and partners is rapidly 
growing. We can offer technical help, solution and support for most demanding 
teams and pilots as we share their ultimate goal of coming and being on top.

We are developing, manufacturing, installing, servicing and distributing our own
products and can offer products and parts from leading manufacturers in the
motorsport industry.

RaceTech offers end-to-end solutions when we are speaking about parts or build of complete vehicles. Our customers come to us
for solutions with deadlines that are not achievable if supply chain is complex. Engineering design, production, installation and
service – everything can be done in our premises. Recent addition of Haas CNC 5 axis milling center and Haas CNC drilling
machines in combination with Romer Sigma measuring arm only improves our services in sense of time and quality.

There is no minor thing in motorsports – that is how we see and do it!